Welcome to Lieberman Coffee, home of the finest specialty, wood-fired coffee. Our coffee is hand roasted in small batches over an oak fire.

My name is Wyatt Lieberman and I’m the owner and founder of Lieberman Coffee. I’m a millennial who enjoys a good cup of coffee with a friend, adventures (whether that’s trekking through the Colca Canyon in Peru or sailing in the Gulf of Mexico), good music, walking through the woods, and good food. But more than anything else, whether it’s somewhere overseas or in my own home town of Nacogdoches, Texas, I enjoy sitting down with another person and having a good conversation, making a difference in the lives of other people, and doing things that make this world a better place. And one last thing you should know about me–I’m a follower of Jesus with a passion for missions. It is my hope that I will be able to use this business to fund missions and Glorify God. So why don’t you join me? Make yourself a cup of coffee, go sit on the porch and watch the sunrise, put it in a thermos and go for a hike, or make two cups and enjoy it with a friend.

Our Beans

From Papua New Guinea to Ethiopia, our beans are ethically sourced from a variety of countries. 

Costa Rica

The Costa Rica is a light roast coffee with a delicious blend of fruity and acidic flavors.

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Our Ethiopia bean is heavy bodied with strong berry notes, particularly blackberry and blueberry. It has an aroma of earthiness, fruit, and chocolate.

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Our Guatemalan coffee is acidic, sweet, and has a wine-like flavor. However, the Guatemalan coffee varies the most from one farm to another.

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Our Honduran coffee is grown by very small micro-lot farmers. It has notes of almond, milk chocolate, and nuts.

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Our Kenya coffee is full bodied, heavy, and acidic, with a fruity taste and notes of berry, bergamot, and lemongrass.

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Light and mild, similar to Guatemala.

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The Panama coffee is light bodied and acidic, with honey and citrus flavors.

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Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea coffee is mild yet complex, with moderate acidity. One of the unique things about this coffee is that it has an apple-wine like taste.

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Our Decaffeinated beans from Peru are bright and subtle, with mild acidity. They are slightly sweet and nutty with notes of fruit and flowers.

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Our Tanzania coffee has a pleasant aroma, is rich in acidity and body, and has sweet, balanced flavors.

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