I currently live and work in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa. But since I don’t have Honduran residency at this time, my visa is technically a tourist Visa. That means that sometimes I have to leave Honduras (specifically every 3 or 4 months).

This month I had to go to Costa Rica.

I know, right! What a bummer! All the way to Costa Rica!

Okay…don’t tell anyone, but I might not have actually been that bummed about having to go to Costa Rica. In fact, it was really great! I got to make new friends, see a new country, and enjoy some good coffee and great food!

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with great people. At least during this time of year it’s much more rainy that Tegucigalpa. There’s greenery everywhere, and in the residential areas it seems like there’s a park on every block.

One of the days that I was there, my friend took me to the National Museum of Costa Rica. Afterwards we stopped by a little shop downtown that sells some really good chocolate. If you go upstairs they even have a little museum to teach you all about chocolate, where it originated, and how it’s made. So I bought some chocolate. Some pretty dang good chocolate.

From there we went to my favorite place that I saw in San Jose–the Central Market. It’s a whole block–one big building–just filled with small shops. Restaurants, trinket-shops, tech stores, or meat butchers, they were all in there. And on a Saturday morning there were people everywhere. I like to get to watch people, and to see a culture–especially when it’s worlds away from what I’m used to. And that’s just what the San Jose Central Market is. Totally unlike anything I’ve ever seen–in Honduras or in the United States. It was an adventure. Just the way I like it.

If you ever have the chance to visit Costa Rica, I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful country. In the meantime, go grab a bag of Costa Rican coffee, and enjoy!