If there’s one thing I like more than coffee, I think it has to be food. And since I’ve been living in Honduras for six months now I figured I’d chronicle six months of Honduran food. This is important stuff so I’ll get right to it.

A bunch of chips stuck into cheesy-bean-dip that’s heated to a temperature that will turn your fingers into carne asada if you touch it. Good stuff.

What are these amazing things? Enchiladas. “Them ain’t no enchiladas!” You say.

Well, first of all your grammar is terrible, and second of all, yes they are enchiladas. Honduran enchiladas. A crunchy tortilla with ground beef, cabbage, cheese, amazing magic saucy-stuff, and an optional boiled egg on top (not pictured). One of my favorites.

I honestly forgot the name of this soup, but it has potatoes, beef, yuca, and a bunch of other stuff. And it’s sweet.

Good ole pollo con tajadas (roasted chicken with plantain chips). First meal I ever ate in Honduras, and still a favorite.

A pancake with beans and cheese. This isn’t really Honduran food, it’s just something that my Honduran Brother does sometimes and he roped me into it. Let’s take a vote on this. “That actually looks good!” or “NO THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER!!!!” Let me know what you think.

This is a lychee. Basically a white grape with a pit, hidden inside of what looks like the ball from a sweet gum tree.

Sopa de res, or beef soup. I don’t think it needs a ton of explanation.

Pastelitos de perro. Wait–the translation of that would be “little dog cakes.” Don’t worry, they’re actually really good and no dogs were harmed in the making of these pastelitos. I think they’re filled with…beef?

Pupusas and a Honduran taco. This is about as traditional of a Honduran meal as they come.

I like coffee, so here’s a picture of some good coffee and a nice view of the plaza below.

Chicharrones (fried pork skins) and yuca.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the tortilla rant. We’ve all had tortillas. Everyone in the United States has had tortillas. But let me tell you the tortillas in the States do not compare to fresh homemade Honduran tortillas. These things are absolutely amazing and I’m not really sure how I’m gonna live without them when I move back to the US. I guess I’ll just have to move back to Honduras asap.

This is a big avocado. In case you couldn’t tell.

That’s all I have for now. There are tons of great foods that aren’t pictured here, but unfortunately I don’t have pictures of them all. Honestly the food is one of the best things down here. After the people. Especially the people who cook the food.

And of course I need to give a shoutout to Ely who cooked the majority of this food.

Go find some good food! And coffee! Have a blessed day everyone!